Part of a pewter object’s charm is the pewterers’ touchmarks upon it; the pewterer’s equivalent of the gold and silver hallmark, which is an official “trade mark”, or series of marks, struck on the object to show the origin of the piece, and other information, to guarantee authenticity. Of course, Cosi Tabellini has its own distinctive marks on most pieces, as long as they are large enough to be able to take them!

A key part of Cosi Tabellini’s design identity is the mark of the thistle. Sergio Tabellini, co-founder of the company, was friends with the renowned Brescian artist Antonio Stagnoli, and commissioned him to paint the thistle, prolific in the mountains nearby, as he felt it signified beauty and grace, and the thistle was incorporated into early touchmarks, as well as remaining as an emblem in the company logo.


Another touchmark that has remained constant over the years is the initials of the surnames of the two founders, Bruno Cosi and Sergio Tabellini. Subsequently, other family members have been happy to continue with these original initials 'CT', as the quality and integrity of the products has always been more important than developing a ‘brand’.

Design collaborations have meant an inclusion of an ‘M’ for their partner, Match Pewter, in the USA who has taken the Cosi Tabellini name across the Atlantic to an extremely receptive American audience. The number ‘95’ has also been added, to signify the high tin content (around 95%) in the pieces.

The Lion is a traditional emblem of Brescia, so it is appropriate to include the local emblem within the markings, to identify the origin of the piece, and the importance of the link between the company and its region of conception.


A worn mark enhances the integrity and aesthetic appeal of an object. The tiny cluster of markings, carefully stamped by chisel and craftsman’s hand, subtly on the edge of one of the beautiful pieces of artisan-crafted pewter is a symbol, both physically and metaphorically, of the heritage and contemporary evolution of Cosi Tabellini as a proud family company of true craftsman, creating objects of great value, integrity and simple beauty that assures quality, longevity and good taste.

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