Delivery & Shipping

In order to provide a clearer understanding of Cosi Tabellini UK's delivery and shipping process, costs and timescales, we have answered a number of frequently asked questions:

1. Where do you deliver?

The following is a list of all the countries that we deliver to:

United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

If your country of residence is NOT listed then please contact us as it is likely that we can help set up an order for you. 

If you are ordering from the USA, Russia or South Korea please contact us and we can check whether your order is available from a distributor in your country and redirect you accordingly.  

NB Cosi Tabellini cannot deliver to any PO BOX addresses or transport, logistic and freight forwarding companies for the purposes of export beyond the UK.

2. Who carries out the delivery on your behalf?

Delivery is split between those items held in stock in our UK warehouse, which will be delivered by Royal Mail and ParcelForce, and those items that are to be dispatched from Cosi Tabellini (Italy)'s own warehouse in Brescia, Italy, which will be dispatched via FedEx and then Royal Mail once arrived in the UK.

The details of the courier company and tracking number will be emailed to you once the order has been dispatched from our UK headquarters.


3. What are the costs?

UK (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland):
Standard delivery for orders under £150 - £5.95
Express delivery for orders under £1000 - £24.95** 

Free UK standard delivery on orders over £150                                                    

Free UK express delivery on orders over £1000**

**NB During busy shopping promotion periods such as the Black Friday weekend we regret that express delivery will not be available in order for us to service all our customers' orders in a fair 'first come-first served' basis.

4. How long does it take?

Please note, all Cosi Tabellini products are hand-crafted items, therefore individual items take a little time to be dispatched from the workshop. Brexit and post pandemic supply chain issues has meant that the transit process is subject to more variation than ever before so please bear with us.

Standard delivery to UK addresses: up to 10-20 business days
Express delivery to UK addresses: 5-7 business days

5. Are customs duties to be paid on international orders upon delivery?

NB - Since Brexit we receive all UK orders here at UK HQ first in order to absorb any import and customs duties & tariffs rather than our valued customers getting a surprise addition to the overall cost - we then forward each order. This has inevitably impacted on how quickly we can fulfill your order. We appreciate your patience and hope you can appreciate the cost benefit to you.


6. Is a sales tax (VAT) included in the price?

All prices for Cosi Tabellini UK items include VAT; the VAT being charged is set at the UK VAT rate. 


7. Do you always keep to your delivery timescales?

We try our utmost best to ensure that deliveries are carried out within the delivery timescale; however, there are exceptions where parcels can be late for reasons outside of our control, and we apologise in advance if you are affected by this. Brexit has meant that EU customs both within the EU and on entry to the UK has slowed delivery.

8. What happens if my order comes over two deliveries - am I expected to pay postage twice?

If we have to deliver your order in partial shipments due to the stock being unavailable or due to technical reasons, the shipping cost is only levied once.

9. What happens if I'm not at home to take possession of a delivery?

If you are not at home when the delivery person arrives with your goods, they will leave a card saying they’ve called with a phone number for you to ring to arrange a more convenient date for delivery.

10. Why isn't free postage available on all orders?

We know our customers like free postage, and from time-to-time we do offer it as part of a promotion, but unfortunately we cannot make it free all of the time for every customer. We have considered this issue very hard, but we came to the conclusion that the costs would need to be absorbed elsewhere (i.e. the price of products going up, which also wouldn’t be very popular, particularly for our regular customers). In the end, we decided to restrict free postage to orders over £150.

11. Will I get back the original postage and packing charges that I paid if I cancel my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse the postage paid on the original order. Please click here for our Returns & Cancellations page

12. How do I know when my order has been shipped?

You will know when your order has been shipped as you will receive an automated email to the email address that you supplied us with upon registration. If you are based in the UK, then you should expect to receive your order within 20 working days of this. 

13. Where are my goods being shipped from?

Goods are shipped either from Cosi Tabellini UK's warehouse in Wales, UK, or directly from the warehouse of Cosi Tabellini (Italy) in Brescia, Italy, depending on stock availability at the time of ordering.
******* Free standard delivery on all UK orders of £150 and over ******* If your country is NOT listed at checkout - please contact us! Free UK standard shipping on orders over £150
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