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This page describes Cosi Tabellini UK’s cookie policy, which applies to,, and websites, and any mobile applications linked to them (for example iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad apps).

Cosi Tabellini UK's website is powered by Shopify, which in turn uses “Cookies” to make your shopping experience easier and to save you time. The use of cookies is an industry standard and occurs at most major websites. If you do not accept this Cookie Policy then unfortunately it will not be possible to use the site effectively.


1.  What is a cookie?

For virtually all modern websites to work properly they need to collect certain basic information from their users, and to do this, they create harmless files known as ‘cookies’. A web cookie is a very small text file that is placed on your computer hard drive by lots of the websites that you visit to make the interaction between user and website smoother, faster and easier. They are designed to improve your user experience by remembering sites that you have visited before, and are used by online retailers to make it easier for you to fill up a shopping basket, to ensure that the advertising you see is relevant to you, and to remember your user preferences and registration details when you visit the online store again. 


2.  How do they work?

Firstly, for reassurance, cookies are not computer programs and as such they can't read information stored on your hard drive, and neither can they disseminate viruses or get your email address.

Cookies only contain and transfer coded information to the website that you have already disclosed to the website. They do not store sensitive or personal information such as your name or address, but instead the coded information gathered from them is used to perform tasks such as remembering shopping preferences, whilst your personal details are protected.

Cookies are specific to the computer being used, so if you log on to a website from another computer, it is the cookie settings on that computer that will apply.

You are able to ‘opt out’ of cookies through the cookie settings on your browser, but this will seriously affect your user experience on many websites, as their website functions are dependent on cookies.

3.  What different types of cookies are there?

There are essentially four main types of cookies defined by The International Chamber Of Commerce (UK):

• Strictly necessary cookies
• Performance cookies
• Functionality cookies
• Targeting cookies

Strictly necessary cookies

These are essential cookies and they allow you to use the basic functionality of a website, such as browsing products, ordering and paying for items, checking account information and viewing order history.

These cookies enable you to navigate around a website and use its features properly. Basic functions such as adding to your shopping bag, staying logged in to a site, and accessing the checkout rely on these types of cookies.

This type of ‘cookie’ only lasts for the duration of the time you are visiting the website and they are deleted automatically when you leave.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, such as usage, visitor numbers, browsing behaviour, and as such they help the online retailer see how effective their advertising is and to understand what visitors like. This data is aggregated and anonymised, which means individuals cannot be identified, and the information is used to improve how a website works and make marketing more relevant.

Online retailers can use a number of tools to carry out analytics based on the data provided by performance cookies, such as Google Analytics. A Link to their privacy policy is provided below:

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies remember choices made while shopping on a website, and therefore make accessing the website more convenient, for instance the website can welcome you by name, provide details of special offers that could be of benefit to you and remember your username/email address when accessing the site (although for security reasons you will still need to enter your password). This cookie will remain on your hard drive until you choose to clear it. Whilst not necessarily essential for viewing a website, the extra features should improve the shopping experience. If you choose to remove this type of cookie you will need to enter your details each time you visit the site and you won’t benefit from the website to its fullest extent.

Targeting/advertising cookies

Targeting / advertising cookies collect information on visitor browsing habits so that advertising can be adapted as appropriate, such as making you aware of special offers.

These cookies remember when you visit a website, and the browsing behaviour data can be used to create product recommendations pertinent to your interests through banner advertising on the website, but also in marketing emails and in catalogues.

These targeting / advertising cookies are also known as Third Party Cookies, and some retailers set cookies on your computer which are shared with selected third parties which allow the retailer to advertise their products that they think will interest you through banner advertising on other websites that you may visit, such as news sites, video sites and blogs. This is called behavioural advertising.

As with other cookies, this cookie data is anonymised and only stored temporarily. Banner advertising of this type feature an “i” icon that provides information from each advertising network and instructions on how to opt out if you wish.

4.  What’s the law?

The law on cookies has changed recently. Now sites that try to place performance, functionality and targeting/advertising cookies on your website need your permission for before they can place them onto your computer.

5.  Cosi Tabellini UK’s Cookie Policy

The Cosi Tabellini UK website, via Shopify, is dependent on the use of cookies and uses all four types, as detailed in Question 3 above (‘What different types of cookies are there?’), and for all the reasons stated therein:

• Strictly necessary cookies
• Performance cookies
• Functionality cookies
• Targeting/advertising cookies

Cosi Tabellini UK, via Shopify, collects a number of cookies from its users for various reasons including tracking our own performance, serving you content that is tailored to your own specifications and improving your overall experience of the site. Amongst other things, the cookies we use are used to store basic information such as user identification, enable the shopping basket to work, calculate how many visitors we have and how long they stay on our site etc. Without this information, the website simply wouldn’t function effectively. Cookies are not used to store personal data such as password or credit card information. Please be reassured that we use cookies responsibly. Details of how we use your data is contained within our Privacy Policy.

User agreement

By continuing to use our site, you agree to the placement of cookies on your device. If you choose not to receive our cookies, it will not be possible to use this site effectively.

By navigating around our website, we assume that you acknowledge you are happy with cookies being set by us to improve your experience.

6.  Is it possible to disabling cookies from a web browser?

Yes. It is possible to set your web browser to delete all stored cookies on your computer and also disable your web browser from accepting any future specific cookies that are presented to your computer. However, you must remember that if you prevent the computer from accepting cookies, it will not be possible for you to use websites effectively, and most (if not all) online retail websites, including Cosi Tabellini UK's, via Shopify, will not function. If you still wish to restrict or block cookies, you can do this through your web browser privacy settings.

7.  Is it possible to reinstate / enable cookies on a web browser?

Yes. If you would like to reinstate cookies on your web browser in order to make a purchase on the Cosi Tabellini UK website, or any other website for that matter, you can enable cookies on your web browser. Please refer to your browser's privacy settings.

8.  Do you have any further information on cookies?

For further information on cookies, please refer to the website:

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