Fuga Plate - 20.5 cm Diameter - Handcrafted in Italy - Pewter & Wood

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Handcrafted in Italy, this well-proportioned plate is part of the Fuga range of pewter and oak tableware.

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This charming collection of wood-meets-metal tableware is inspired by the noble natural beauty of the North and its timeless traditions; dark cold waters and deep forests contrasting with bright northern lights and snow crunching underfoot, animated by folk songs, fairy tales and shamanic rituals…

The wood used is oak, solid and resistant, becoming more and more beautiful with age. Diverse patterns of life look as if they have been carved into the rustic wooden pieces by the frost, snow, icy winds and lake-lapping waters themselves. The marriage of oak with water makes it dark and ancient looking, and it is further textured, bringing the oak ‘back to life’ with a contemporary twist.

Pewter is the inlaid metal; an ancient material and one of the first metals to have been used by man for crockery, due to its low melting point and easy malleability. Cosi Tabellini pewter is given the magic of ‘movement’ by manual manipulation by hammer to create a subtle undulation of texture which allows light to play with the patina, echoing the murmur of mountains and whispers of water that seem to ‘move’ across the metallic surface.

The end result is a unique unison of both material and method where skilled oak and pewter craftsmen infuse spirit into each one of these pieces so that our everyday rituals can become a little more beautiful. Balance and harmony can be achieved in even the simplest of ways - sharing at the table…

Size: Diameter 20.5 cm, Height 3.5cm

Materials Used: Pewter, Oak

Ref: CT1105201

Designers: Alberto Tabellini - Yana Osmanova

100% Lead Free

All Cosi Tabellini Pewter is 100% lead-free, so it is totally food & drink safe, and is both EU and US FDA approved.


Cosi Tabellini pieces come gift-boxed with a guarantee card and instructions on how to care for pewter.

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