Sirmione Whisky Glass (Set of 2) - 24 cl - Handcrafted in Italy - Pewter & Crystal

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These pewter and crystal single whisky glasses, also referred to as 'rocks', ‘low-ball’ or 'Old Fashioned' glasses, are not as wide as traditional tumblers.  The narrowness of the glass is perfect for sipping fine spirits, making great whisky tasting glasses.

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The style of whisky glass is the little brother of the larger Cosi Tabellini Sirmione Double Rocks whisky glass.  It is commonly used for White Russians, Old Fashioned (hence the name) and other whisky mixtures. 

The weight of the base means that even with smallish amount of liquid, say a quarter to half-full, the weight will feel right in your hand.

The design is perfect for drinks ‘built’ in the glass; its thick base allowing the ‘muddling’ of non-liquid cocktail ingredients (traditionally using a bartender's 'muddler' tool) before the main liquid ingredients are poured in. 

Sold as a pair.

Size: Height 8.5 cm, Diameter 7.4 cm (top), 8.3 cm (base)

Weight: 400 g per glass

Volume: 24 cl

Materials Used: Pewter, Crystal Glass

Ref: CT0119601

Designers: Alberto Tabellini & David Reiss

100% Lead Free

All Cosi Tabellini Pewter is 100% lead-free, so it is totally food & drink safe, and is both EU and US FDA approved.


Cosi Tabellini pieces come gift-boxed with a guarantee card and instructions on how to care for pewter.


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